Ukraine Writes Epic! Russia's Military Bases Blown Up: Helicopters and Tanks Destroyed!

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When Russian leader Putin began his invasion of Ukraine, he thought the war would end in a few weeks. As the war approaches its first year, Putin has been stunned by the successes of the Ukrainian army. The Russian army's losses are mounting against an increasingly strong Ukraine. As the war intensifies, new developments reveal the extent of Russia's losses. One of the new developments, which is a critical threshold in the Russia-Ukraine war, occurred recently in the city of Kadiivka in Luhansk Oblast! The occupying Russian army was surprised by the attack from the Ukrainian side!
Russia uses factories and workplaces in the occupied Ukrainian territory as ammunition depots, hospitals and military bases. Ukraine can easily detect these Russian bases through the work of intelligence units and unmanned aerial vehicles. At the same time, the United States intelligence services share information on Russian bases with Ukraine. The Ukrainian Army continues to destroy Russian military bases with important intelligence information!
The Ukrainian army recently blew up a Russian military base and field hospital! The destroyed military base and field hospital were located in the city of Kadiivka. The Ukrainian Directorate for Strategic Communications announced that the hospital used to be a machine-building factory. It was stated that the bombed hospital housed soldiers loyal to Chechen leader Kadyrov. The Ukrainian Army said the following in a Telegram post about the attack: "The dispensary, a former machine factory, was hit by high-precision weapons."
The Ukrainian army destroyed the military base and hospital used by the Russian occupiers with US HIMARS missiles! According to the footage circulating on social media, the Russian military base and the building housing the hospital, which used to be a machine-building factory, are falling to the ground. It is claimed that more than 100 Chechen soldiers were killed in this Ukrainian attack.
Ukraine continues to write epics against Russia in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts! Immediately after the destruction of the Russian military base and hospital in Luhansk, a similar development that will change the course of the war took place in Donetsk Oblast. The Ukrainian Air Force managed to shoot down 3 Russian helicopters and a fighter jet in 30 minutes. In the statement made by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it was stated that the 3 helicopters destroyed in 30 minutes in the city of Yevhenivka in the Volnovakha region were Ka-52 model attack helicopters, while the fighter jet was a Russian Su-25 model.
Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter is known as a Soviet-made helicopter model that can be used in all weather conditions and can successfully hit targets at low speed, including military personnel, and is shown as a rival to the Apache attack helicopter used by the US army. The loss of such an important air attack equipment is a great loss for Russia in the war. Destroying 3 Russian helicopters in 30 minutes, the Ukrainian army has rendered nearly 300 Russian helicopters unusable since the start of the war!

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