1 minutes ago! The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy electronic warfare complex

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In the Zaporozhye region, Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an enemy electronic warfare complex. As Ukrinform reports, this is reported from the APU in Telegram. On the eve of the division of the Ukrainian SSR established the exact location of the enemy's electronic warfare complex in the city of Pologi, Zaporozhye region. "In addition to creating obstacles to the Ukrainian defense forces, the occupiers used this complex to suppress mobile communications in the settlement. Thus, they actually cut off citizens from communicating with the outside world," the report says. The coordinates of the enemy electronic warfare system were transferred by the MTR fighters to artillery units that destroyed the enemy complex. "Among other things, it was this unit of the Special Operations Forces that earlier noted the destruction of the enemy S-300 complex, which fired at a maternity hospital in Volnyansk, Zaporozhye region, resulting in the death of an infant," the MTR noted. As Ukrinform reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 90 thousand 090 Russian occupiers from February 24 to December 2, while 650 people only over the past day. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, during which he condemned the shelling of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. This is reported on the website of the head of the German government, Ukrinform reports. "The hour-long conversation was devoted to Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine and its consequences," the message says. The Chancellor condemned Russian airstrikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine and stressed Germany's determination to support Ukraine in ensuring its defense capability. Scholz also called on the president of the aggressor country to reach a diplomatic solution as soon as possible, "including the withdrawal of Russian troops." During the conversation, they also talked about world food security. The Chancellor and the President of the Russian Federation noted the important role of the recently updated Grain Agreement under the auspices of the UN. As reported earlier this week, Scholz had a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and promised concrete assistance in connection with the destruction of civil energy infrastructure in Ukraine.

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