Ukraine and Russia decision that shocked the Pentagon!

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The US Department of Defense is seeking to negotiate with individual NATO and Middle Eastern countries on the transfer of their NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. This was stated by Greg Gase, CEO of Raytheon Technologies, which produces NASAMS, Ukrinform reports with reference to Defense One. It is noted that this agreement will allow Ukraine to avoid a two-year wait for new complexes from the Raytheon plant. "The Ministry of Defense will try to conduct a trade operation for us: we will take some complexes from the countries of the Middle East - our friends - and some of our NATO allies, and we will try to deliver them to Ukraine early next year. Then we will provide these countries with new production over the next two years," the CEO said. At the same time, he did not specify with which countries such negotiations are being conducted. According to Forecast International, NASAMS are in service with five NATO countries – Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain. Oman and Qatar have such complexes in the Middle East. In addition, they are used by Finland, Australia, Chile and Indonesia. Earlier, the Pentagon signed a contract with Raytheon in the amount of $ 1.2 billion for the production of NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems for supplies to Ukraine. "It will take us two years to fulfill this contract," Gase said. "Unfortunately, there is no magic box that would give us the opportunity to just create them every day." As Ukrinform reported, the AFU has already put several NASAMS complexes on combat duty. Moreover, in the first days of combat use, the systems showed 100 percent effectiveness, shooting down ten Russian missiles out of ten launches. As a result of the shelling of Zaporozhye by Russian troops, the building of an infrastructure facility broke out. According to Ukrinform, this was announced in a telegram by the secretary of the Zaporozhye City Council Anatoly Kurtev. "Putin's bastard attacked Zaporozhye again. As a result of an enemy attack, the building of an infrastructure facility is burning," he wrote. The blast wave blew out windows in nearby houses. Kurtev added that the relevant services are already working on the ground. Information about the destruction and victims is being clarified. US Republican Senator Rob Portman hopes that the US government will officially recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism for acting against peaceful Ukrainians. Portman stated this in an exclusive comment to Ukrinform on the sidelines of the symposium "Ukraine in Washington and beyond.

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